RECODA invited as panelist at Betong Vocational College

Betong Vocasional College invited 3 panelist to their forum during their orientation program which includes Dr Hajah Rabyah (head of section for the Workforce Development Unit planning and policy division), Dato Madani (CEO of the Malaysian Automotive Institute) and Jonathan Wong (corporate communications officer for RECODA).

The event was to give input about the graduate market in technical and vocasional fields in SCORE areas as well as challenges that the graduates will face when entering the industry. A total of 140 students were present during the event and all seemed eager to understand the current industrial landscape.

During the forum, all panelists agree that positive thinking, resourcefulness and the ability to adapt to the changing landscape is key for graduates to survive in the industry with Wong highlighting the importance to always stay relevant.

Among the questions asked included what could the graduates offer back to assist the state in attracting more investments.

Wong replied that despite myriad of factors attracting foreign investors, the lack of skilled manpower remains an issue. Therefore by being a certified professional in their vocational field the graduates will become a tool to lure even more investments.

Dr Rabyah also highlighted the focus many industrialized nations such as Japan, Korea, Germany, and even Singapore give towards vocational training as these skilled labor will be the cornerstone for the industries.

Hebei Xinwuan Steel and MCC signs MoU

Hebei Xinwuan Steel and Metallurgical Corporation of China (MCC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the Ministry of Industrial and Entrepreneur Development, Trade and Investment today.

The MoU, signifying cooperation between the two companies is set to bring a potential investment worth more than RM12 billion in Samalaju Industrial Park, Bintulu.

During the signing, YB Datuk Amar Haji Awang Tengah Ali Hasan explained to the investors that the Samalaju Industrial Park already has all the needed infrastructure in place including roads, water, electricity and ports for the company to import/export both raw materials and products.

The potential investment will be initiated in three phases and will be the largest single investment in the SCORE area to date.

Other notable figures during the signing included Assistant Minister for Industrial Development (Investment & Promotion) Sarawak YB Datuk Haji Julaihi bin Haji Narawi, Assistant Minister for Entrepreneur Development Sarawak YB Datuk Haji Mohd Naroden bin Haji Majais, MIETI Permanent Secretary Datu Liaw Soon Eng, RECODA CEO Tan Sri Datuk Amar Wilson Baya Dandot, Sarawak Energy Bhd CEO Sharbini Suhaili, MIDA Sarawak Director Redzuan Abd Rahman and Bintulu Development Authority General Manager Rodziah Haji Morshidi.

Spanish companies keen on SCORE

The Economic and Commercial Commissioner of Spain in Malaysia, Rafael Matos noted that there are a number of Spanish companies from multiple sectors keen to invest in SCORE.

Senor Matos together with the Deputy and Trade Analyst of Economic Commercial Commissioner of Spain in Malaysia, Alex Foo visited RECODA’s office to explore the potential for business collaboration with the Sarawak government and SCORE related agencies.

RECODA Chief Executive Officer, Tan Sri Datuk Amar Wilson Baya Dandot together with his senior officers updated Senor Matos and Mr Foo on the latest developments in SCORE.

Senor Matos expressed his admiration for the development of the region, acknowledging that the progress of development was to be impressive considering the scale of the project and the remoteness of the region.

Senor Matos also commented on the Sarawak’s financial rating, saying it was extremely positive and they are keen to bring Spanish industry players to Sarawak and SCORE in the near future.

ELDA 2016 delegates impressed with SCORE

The international delegates participating in the Emerging Leaders’ Dialogues Asia 2016 (ELDA 2016) visited Sarawak and briefed HRH the Princess Royal, Princess Anne, at the Hilton Hotel on their Sarawak study tour.

During the briefing to the Princess Royal, the delegates expressed their astonishment at the scale and speed of development of SCORE. During their briefing, the delegates explained that the development of hydro energy generated in Sarawak has successfully provided renewable, reliable and affordable energy whilst taking into account the delicate environment.

The infrastructure development, so critical to the success of SCORE has also improved the connectivity in the rural areas enabling wider markets for local businesses and investors to reap higher returns on their investments.

The delegates acknowledged RECODA’s efforts to develop positive human capital and job creation had been a success and were accelerating growth in standard of living for the locals, especially the Penan community.

A delegate from Kenya said, “I will bring this experience and try to implement it in our country (Kenya) which is predominantly relying on a more traditional economy.”

Delegates added that the power development provides the foundations for strong economic development in Sarawak with the massive development of Samalaju Industrial Park given as an example.

In ten short years, Samalaju Industrial Park has been transformed from a barren swamp to a thriving park that has attracted high foreign investment and provided jobs and security to many.

Later, the Princess who is Advisor to the Association of Emerging Leaders’ Dialogues (AELD) joined participants of ELDA 2016 for an informal closing reception and dinner in Kuching.

ELDA 2016 was attended by 83 delegates from 20 countries. It provides a forum for the participants to connect and learn as well as to encourage leadership for sustainable development.

The Emerging Leaders Dialogue (ELD) Asia study group visits RECODA prior to presentation to HRH Princess Anne

One of the delegates signing RECODA’s guest book

RECODA hosted a study tour for delegates participating in the Emerging Leaders’ Dialogues Asia 2016 held from 20th October to 1st November 2016 in Malaysia. The study tour aims to help participants gain insights into the best leadership practices in sustainable development. Their findings from the study tour to RECODA and other regions and agencies will be presented to Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal, Princess Anne on the 31st October 2016.

The study tour includes delegates from Kenya, Australia, England, Jamaica, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Bangladesh and Malaysia who were briefed on the history, scope and scale of the SCORE initiative by Tan Sri Datuk Amar Wilson Baya Dandot, CEO of RECODA before he highlighted the importance of power, connectivity, human capital and environmental protection when implementing SCORE projects.

Among the many interesting questions posed during the meeting were questions on “What measures of inclusivity were taken to ensure employment of women and disabled people” as well as “What policies were applied to ensure more local employment rather than the hiring of foreign workers.”

Dawend Jiwan later briefed the delegates on the manpower requirements of SCORE in the future, as well as environmental protection policies for the projects in SCORE.

One of the delegates having worked with another corridor in Malaysia noted that in terms of sheer physical achievements, SCORE was the most impressive especially given the logistical challenges of the area. Another delegate remarked that RECODA’s efforts in developing SCORE were a ‘Phenomenal Achievement’.

RAM Ratings Group Chief Visits RECODA

Datuk Seri Dr. K. Govindan (centre) accompanied by Mr. Promod (right) and Ms Padthma (left) during the briefing with RECODA

RAM Ratings Berhad Group Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Seri Dr. K. Govindan visited RECODA’s office on 21st October 2016 to find out more about SCORE in Sarawak.

The delegation from RAM included Mr. Promod Dass, Deputy CEO of RAM Rating Services, Ms. Padthma Subbiah, Senior General manager, Head of Corporate Communication, RAM Holdings Berhad, and Mr. Firhan Yasser Razenan, Director, Client Coverage & Business Development, RAM Rating Services Berhad.

The group was hosted by Boon Kuet San, RECODA’s Head of HRM, Finance and Accounts. Siten Siam RECODA’s Head of Internal Audit Unit, Mawar Ahmad, RECODA’s Corporate Secretary, and Lukas Jenka, RECODA’s Executive Officer (ICT).

During the meeting, Lukas briefed the team on RECODA’s most recent activities covering the set-up and business model, project development plan, SCORE funding and investment, employment, environmental matters and future projects.

Datuk Seri Govindan was impressed with the massive development and investment taking place at SCORE noting that the physical development taking place in SCORE are way ahead of other corridors.