Tunoh has been identified as the site of a major new town development which will see it emerge as an important regional centre for oil palm and forest plantations, rice farming and other agricultural activities.

Development in the region is being spurred on by the economic stimulus provided by the construction of the Baleh Dam hydroelectric scheme, which is expected to create 3,500 jobs and is scheduled for completion in 2025.

In the medium to long term, the spectacular mountains, waterfalls and forests of the hinterland, with their own unique species of plants, animals and birds, have the potential to make Tunoh one of Malaysia’s key destinations for international eco-tourism and adventure holidays.

Tunoh Greenfield Development

Tunoh Greenfield Development


Iconic project - Batang Baleh Bridge

Excavation 2nd slope at CH26+090

Access road to Baleh HEP


Waterfalls and adventure trails

The impressive mountains and waterfalls and unique wildlife of the remote Tunoh hinterland give the area vast potential as a centre for eco-tourism and adventure holidays. Visitors can experience a largely untouched wilderness, with crystal-clear streams, many rare and exotic creatures and plants and the awe-inspiring grandeur of the Horse Mountain (Bukit Mambong) range.