Samalaju is the ideal location for energy-intensive heavy industries as well as industries dependent on a deep-sea port, such as:non-ferrous cluster.

Samalaju Industrial Park, 60km northeast of Bintulu, is SCORE’s biggest success story to date. It is the key location in SCORE for ambitious industrial projects and is already proving to be a magnet for foreign and domestic investments.

The industrial park is a thriving 7,000-hectare area dedicated to energy-intensive heavy industry and has been developed to house companies engaged in aluminium smelting, steel, oil refining, silica-based industries, marine engineering and a wide range of industrial and commercial activities.

It also comes equiped with the US$500 million Samalaju Industrial Port which in its first phgasthe capacity to handle 18 million tonnes of cargo per year.The port covers an area of 450 hectares and will form the logistical hub for the import of raw materials and export of finished products from the many national and international companies located in the Samalaju Industrial Park.


Samalaju Industrial Park infrastructure

Press Metal

Pioneer Investors

Mile 32 Road

Mile 32 Road


Samalaju Eco Park Township

Samalaju Central

Samalaju central

SIP Raw water Intake

Water supply infrastructure works

Samalaju Port

Samalaju Port

Tanjung Samalaju Resort Hotel

Samalaju Resort Hotel


Maskat road

SIP Nyalau rd access

Corporate Social Responsibility for Nyalau

Investors to date

Pioneer investors in Samalaju Industrial Park have included Press Metal, Asia Minerals Ltd, OM Holdings and Asia Advanced Materials. One of the biggest investors has been Tokuyama Corporation, a world-leading polycrystalline silicon manufacturer, which has been operating successfully in Samalaju since September 2014.

These companies and many others, such as Pertama Ferroalloy Sdn Bhd and Sakura Ferroalloys Sdn Bhd, have already committed investments totalling RM25 billion (US$6 billion) to the Samalaju area.

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