Sarawak’s Geography

Sarawak is the largest of Malaysia’s 13 states. Located just north of the equator and 600km from Peninsular Malaysia, it stretches about 800km along the northwest coast of the island of Borneo.
The state has vast areas of rainforest, mountain peaks rising to 2,400m and Malaysia’s longest river, the 563km Batang Rajang.

Sarawak’s equatorial climate means temperatures are relatively uniform throughout the year, with an average of five hours’ sunshine a day. Most days will see the temperature rise from a comfortable 23°C early in the morning to a warm 32°C around noon.

Sarawak is just 75 minutes by air from Singapore and Brunei, an hour and a half from Jakarta, three hours from Hong Kong and six hours from Japan.

Kuching International Airport, the biggest of the four main airports, is the third busiest in Malaysia and is capable of handling five million passengers a year.

Sarawak’s ports are fully equipped to handle general and bulk cargoes, in dry, liquid or gaseous form. The ports are managed as State Port Authorities, except for Bintulu Port, which is run by the Malaysian government.

An ambitious programme of development and upgrading works to the 1,100km Pan Borneo Highway, the backbone of Sarawak’s road system, began in 2015.

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