Related Government Agencies

The following official Federal and State government and agency sites should provide you with enough information on Malaysia, the government and key agencies operating in SCORE. Please be advised however that you will not be required to contact these agencies if you invest in SCORE as your account manager and team will handle all relevant agencies.

Prime Minister of Malaysia


Economic Planning Unit

Public Private Partnership Unit


Ministry of Finance Malaysia

Malaysian Investment Development Authority

Immigration Malaysia

State Planning Unit, Chief minister's Department of Sarawak

Ministry of Industrial Development Sarawak

Chief Minister of Sarawak

Sarawak State Government

Sarawak Energy Berhad

Bintulu Development Authority

Tanjung Manis Halal Hub

Public Works Department, Sarawak

Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation

Sarawak Tourism Board

Tourism Malaysia

Miri Resort City, Sarawak