How we can help you?

Established by ordinance in 2006, RECODA’s goal is to drive interest and investment into SCORE and to strengthen Sarawak’s status as the destination of choice for international businesses looking for a strategic location at the heart of Asia.
We will do this by attracting and retaining foreign direct investment that provides value to investors and helps to raise the living standards of Sarawakians.

At every touch point, we apply the following corporate values: a business friendly environment, transparency, exceptional customer service, unrivalled passion, integrity, professionalism and a can do approach to every task and relationship.

Our services, advice and support are complementary and start from your first enquiry, the planning stage, to the launch and ongoing growth of your business.

RECODA is the first point of contact for your enquiries. Contact us if you need information, support and guidance on:

  • Opportunities in Sarawak, including information related to preferred industries and pioneer status
  • Background information on economic factors, land availability, the cost of doing business, incentives, taxation, investment requirements and regulations, manpower guidance, skills availability and matching and immigration
  • Setting up a manufacturing or other business or establishing operations in SCORE
  • How to do business in Malaysia and Sarawak and guidance on Malaysia and Sarawak cultural customs and practices
  • One to one assistance with the early stages of the investment decision-making process
  • Navigating the different locations and identifying the best location for your business
  • Market and competitor intelligence
  • Matching service for local service providers.

RECODA will also assist with activities such as:

  • The organisation of visits to SCORE and meeting schedules with introductions to industry experts, potential partners, relevant Federal and State authorities, professional service providers and other suitable entities
  • Real estate acquisition
  • Individual investments
  • Potential mergers and acquisitions.