Samarakan/Sangan/Ng.Merit/Kapit access roads

Project Name : Samarakan/Sangan/Ng.Merit/Kapit Access Road
Project Description : Membina jalan berturap R3 sejauh 107KM dari Sangan ke Ng. Merit, dan 44KM dari Ng. Merit ke Ng. Melukun. Skop termasuk membina 20 jambatan dengan jumlah panjang sebanyak 1,630 m.
Growth node: Tunoh

Access road to Murum HEP

General Information

The project consists of :

  • 66 KM access road
  • 11 nos. of bridge
  • 5 packages namely Package A1, B1, B2, C2 and C1&3

Standard of Road:

  • JKR R3 Road Standard with asphaltic concrete road pavement
  • 2 lanes 2 ways road with 3m width per lane

Tanjung Manis telecommunications and infrastructure

a.       Provide/Upgrade new fibre interface card/syste, and switching system for Tg Manis Exchange (5000 lines)

b.      Telecommunications Towers

c.       Transmission equipments

Batang Baleh Bridge

The first phase of the bridge construction project was complete in September 2015. It marked another important milestone in improving the connectivity in the SCORE region, particularly in Kapit Division. The bridge is also expected to open up the region for greater development particularly boosting agriculture and other economic activities.

Mile 32 By-pass

This project, which involved the construction of a 9.5km road, was completed in June 2015. It provides a direct link to Pan Borneo and Murum HEPs.

Mukah Water Supply, new booster station and associated facilities

Mukah Water Supply: New Booster Station & Associated Facilities