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Priority Industries

Press Metal

Aluminium Industry

The biggest global users of aluminium are the packaging, transport and construction industries.

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Glass Industry

Flat glass is needed around the world for windows and building facades, car windscreens and display panels.

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Oil-based Industries

Sarawak is ideally positioned to develop its refining, trading and downstream petrochemicals processing industries.

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Steel Industry

Tax breaks and incentives – and the infrastructure steel demands.

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Marine Engineering Industry

Sarawak’s strategic location and key skills offer investors real competitive advantages.

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Aquaculture Industry

As world demand for nutritious seafood continues to grow, Sarawak offers exciting opportunities in fishing and aquaculture.

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Livestock Industry

Sarawak’s livestock industry offers great potential both for smallholders in rural communities and for the introduction of larger commercial farms.

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Timber-based Industries

Sarawak has a clearly defined strategy for the development of its timber and timber products industries.

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Palm Oil Industry

Sarawak has been producing palm oil at an accelerating rate since the 1980s and now accounts for 20% of the country’s production.

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Bakun HEP Sarawak

Tourism Industry

Sarawak’s tourism industry saw arrivals soar to more than 4.5 million in 2015, helped by increasing numbers of flights from key markets such as China, Japan and Korea.

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