What is RECODA?

RECODA – the Regional Corridor Development Authority – is the specialist agency set up in 2006 to oversee and manage the ambitious SCORE project.
RECODA has the full backing of the State Government of Sarawak and all the relevant state and federal departments. The Chairman of the Board is Sarawak’s Chief Minister and RECODA’s board includes representatives of key federal and state agencies, ensuring swift decision-making and a minimum of red tape and procedural delays.

RECODA has two main goals – to promote SCORE by creating and stimulating new and existing markets, and to work towards achieving Sarawak’s ambitious investment and development goals.

To do this, in the face of fierce competition from regional rivals and global competitors, RECODA has carried out a great deal of research and developed unique insights into the specific needs of private and corporate investors. The aim is to create a new business environment in which investors’ confidence and optimism will be rewarded with rapid and profitable growth.


RECODA is a lean and nimble organisation, well equipped to implement the range of strategic and tactical initiatives that have been put in place to encourage investment in SCORE.

Decisions are made rapidly, fast-track approvals are given the highest priority and RECODA’s experts are already providing a wealth of free advice and assistance to those keen to make the most of SCORE’s advantages and opportunities.